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Dr. Vince Felitti, co-investigator of the 1995 ACE Study, compares Shelby County survey results to his original findings at the January 2015 forum.

ACE Center Task Force of Shelby County

In 2014, the Intesa team was tapped to lead the start-up communications planning, strategy and vendor selection process for the newly formed ACE Center Task Force of Shelby … More

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The Nature Conservancy

In January 2015, The Nature Conservancy's world office turned to the Intesa creative team to design custom logos for a suite of internal communications and marketing … More

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Thrive Center for Human Development

In January 2014, Intesa partnered with The Thrive Center for Human Development to create a suite of data visualization tools to effectively communicate the findings of Thrive's … More

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Inter-American Development Bank

In 2014, Intesa designed the Inter-American Development Bank’s ninth annual Sustainability Report, which chronicles the Bank's progress in safeguarding and investing in … More

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South Pacific Tuna Corporation

The Intesa team led South Pacific Tuna Corporation's 2013 website redesign project. The site now is responsive to mobile devices and optimized for enhanced search engine … More

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