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We are a public relations firm providing strategic counsel and communications for clients nationwide.

Your future success hinges on more than today’s impeccable balance sheet. An empowered, tech-savvy public demands that businesses be transparent, thoughtful and responsible. Intesa Communications Group helps corporations, foundations, non-profits and investment firms achieve their strategic goals, while generating the most value for society and the bottom line.

In an era of instant action and reaction, thoughtful planning sets the stage for efficient and effective communication when it matters most. Intesa colleagues understand the power of storytelling and the best channels for clients to engage with the right audiences. We are a full-service PR firm offering integrated solutions, including public relations counsel, partnership engagement, community outreach, internal communications, digital strategy, corporate social responsibility communications, media training and media relations.

Intesa is proud to represent clients who do good work and we believe that truly successful companies also generate social dividends that make the world better for us all.

From our blog:

How to happily engage a pr partner

Your to-do list is full of “priorities.” From paper, to pixels and people — the projects keep piling up, but there are only so many hours in a day. An effective communications project manager can take work off your plate while keeping …
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Analytics Analysis: Is Your Site Measuring Up?

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked, tools available to an organization. When used correctly, it can answer crucial questions about the behavior of those who visit your site, such as: who are your visitors, where are …
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Non-Profit PR: raise your profile before you make the ask

The public is more likely to get involved, contribute, and/or share your resources when they know who you are and what you stand for BEFORE you ask them for something. It sounds so basic, yet, far too many non-profit groups …
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